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Well, since this is my community I should probably make the proper introduction!

My sister's name is Erin (toothpickgirl). She is my sister by blood, and we are separated by a mere fourteen months. Our mother used to dress us alike and tell everyone we were twins, but we grew into very different people indeed. Even though she is my little sister, she is taller than me now! She has grown into a beautiful woman, and I am so very proud of her. She can do anything: dance, sing, draw, act, write. My sister is my hero. Most of the time. ;)


Erin, right; me (Meghan), left. The glorious days when I was actually taller than her!

Erin, left; me, right. Aren't we cute?


This is Erin, now. Isn't she beautiful? My "little" Belle.

Have a magical day!
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